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Sai Baba (Kaliyugi avataara), Miracles of Shirdi Sai Baba and 11 Vachan of Sai Baba

Sai Baba (Kaliyugi avataara

DOB (28 September 1838 [real name, birthplace and date of birth are not known]) or Died (15 Oct 1918) But still alive in the hearts of devotee(s).

Some Brief about BABA: Sai Baba of Shirdi, also known as Shirdi Sai Baba. He is greatest saints ever seen in India, endowed with unprecedented power, and is worshipped as a god incarnate.

It is believed that at a tender age of 16 yrs Shri Saibaba arrived at the village of Shirdi in Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra and remained there till his death. He found shelter in Khandoba temple, where a villager Mahalsapathi in the temple addressed him as Sai or Saint.

Saibaba of Shirdi lived an extremely simple life, sleeping on the floor of temple and later taking a ruined mosque as his shelter.

His philosophy ingrained 'Shraddha' meaning faith and 'Saburi' meaning compassion. According to him Shraddha and Saburi were the supreme attributes to reach the state of godliness.

Sai baba was very knowledgeable and his teachings stressed on;

  • Self realization
  • Helping others
  • Moral Code of love
  • Forgiveness
  • Inner peace
  • Charity
  • Contentment and devotion to guru and God.

He encouraged the Hindus to read holy books like Bhagavada Gita, Yoga Vasistha and Ramayana.

His most concise message for one and all alike was "Why fear when I am here".

(A lot of information about Sai Baba can be acquired from the book Sai Satchritra.)

Miracles of Shirdi Sai Baba:

  1. Lighting Lamps with Water: Once upon a time, there was no oil to light a lamp on Diwali, then Sai Baba lit the lamp with water, all were shocked to see Sai's leela.
  2. Saving a Child from Drowning: Once a 3-year-old daughter of a poor man named Babu Kirwandikar had fallen into a well and got drowned. Some people told this incident to Saibaba and he balanced the girl in mid-air. He showed his hidden hand to holding that girl in the well. This again was one of the many miracles of Saibaba that saved people from distress.
  3. Sai Baba Forewarning of blazing fields:- One afternoon Saibaba summoned Kondaji Sutar and asked him to better rush to his field as it was on fire. Fear struck Kondaji ran to his field but there was not a trace of smoke. He got back and said so to Saibaba. Unfazed Baba asked him to look again and as the luck would have it, a part of corn was indeed afire and smoke was beginning to billow from it. With strong wind fanning the fire, Kondaji became jittery and asked Saibaba to do something. At this Baba walked to the yard and sprinkled some water and the fire immediately got extinguished.
  4. Stopping the rain: - There is the story of one Rao Bahadur Moreshwar Pradhan who had come to Shirdi to take sight of Sai Baba along with his wife. As the couple were about to leave, it began to rain profoundly. Thunder and lightning look likes hazardous. On their troubles Sai Baba prayed. "Oh Allah, Be the rain calm down. My children are going home. Let them go peacefully!" The storm thereupon ceased and the Pradhan’s were able to reach their destination safely.
  5. Raising the water level in well:- When Sai Baba first came to Shirdi it had of no basic facilities. There was a well put only in name, with no natural spring water. On ramnavmi festival, the big problem facing the organizers was one of water supply Here. Sai Baba got their problem and told with full faith, shirdi has lot of water. He showered some leaves into the well and lo and behold the level of water rose fulfilling the dire wish of the villagers.
  6. Flow of Godavari (river) from Baba's Feet:- As recounted by Das Ganu, one of the disciples of Shri Saibaba, once he sought permission from Baba to visit a place called Singba on the banks of Godavari to have a holy bath. Saibaba refused and said what was the use of going that distance when Godavari was right under his feet. Das Ganu was unsatisfied. He knew only Shri vishnu can do that. Realizing the doubt in Das's mind Saibaba asked him to come closer and hold the hollow of his palms at Baba's feet. As soon as he did so water flowed freely out of the toes of the master's feet and filled the hollow of Das Ganu's palms in no time. His joy knew no limits. He sprinkled the water on his head and his body and distributed some more among the assembled devotees as tirtha (holy water).



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