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Car Poojan

Car Poojan

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Key Information:-
  • Number of Pandit - 01
  • Highly experienced and proficient pandit.
  • Language-  Hindi
  • Availability of Pandit - 2 or 3  days from the date of booking.
  • Dakshina  - Included in the booking amount.
  • Puja Samagri/Material -Not included - Will arrange upon customer request.

Car poojan simply means blessing a newly purchased car in the Lord’s name. This pooja keeps the car safe from bad influences or incidents. In Hindu culture, it is a ritual to bless all items and implements that are used in day to day life. For this, a pooja is done by the Panditji at the inception of the implement, before using it or just after the purchase.

This pooja usually requires – one coconut, 4 lemons, and Lord Ganesha idol.